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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exam Time..............

Yes it is that time of the year again!!
The time when you are too sleepy to study and then once you decide to sleep and have some rest, too tense to sleep!!
The Proff is back and as usual it has brought with it the many horrors of prep leaves.

As per my previous record, i have made a schedule that was flexible enough to start with, failed to keep up with it and remade it again and eventually given up on it. Now, i am back to the tried and tested method of Do-whatever-you-can-whenever-you-can and cram as much as possible.

So, i open up pathology, take an oath to complete a chapter before getting up and doing ANYTHING ELSE and end up taking a break to refresh myself after the very first few pages. I decide that this thing would need some time, give it happily and then get all tensed that i have spent too much time on one thing.

I try my luck with Community medicine, thinking it should be easy as i enjoyed studying it during the clerkship, realize i have actually forgotten every thing and panic even more.

Then, moving on to E.N.T, i assume (wrongly again) that i must remember something as it was the very last thing i did in college and gave an exam about (the so-called pathology IPE in my opinion does not qualify for anything remotely similar to Exam, it being a total disaster), but here again i am to be disappointed by my totally unreliable brain.

After all these major setbacks and disappointments, my optimism has not yet gone away. I am sticking to this hope that the excellent eye clerkship must have left some lasting impression on my nervous system and that i might be able to make a better progress on it. So far, i have been unable to gather enough courage to test myself (and my erroneous assumptions) on that.

Lets just hope that in this case too, anticipation would be worse than reality and after all the pre-ponement and horrible internals and pathetic IPE's, we will still make it inshaAllah. :)

Wishing all my class a very very good luck for their 3rd Proff and it's preparation.

P.S: This post was written as i was too sleepy to study and too tense to sleep. :P
So, any grammatical or spelling errors must be excused. :)


Ess.See. said...

Lol. So good to see you blog! I have come here after ages (that too around PROF! =/ ) lol.. nice post! :)

Man, I miss bloggingggG!

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