As a rule, man is fool; when its hot, he wants it cool; when its cool, he wants it hot; always wanting what is not!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A rainy, funny day!!

I am late for recording this online, but then, had no time to do so before now.
This is what you call a medical student's life!!
Blogging about an event almost a week late. :)]

It was a light drizzle and a winter morning.
And i had to go to college thinking what a way to spoil such a beautiful day!
It turned out to be good one.
We were free for quite long (the so-called Self Directed Learning session was on). So, decided to have something to fill our ever demanding tummies.
Strange but the college's air is an appetizer for us. We always end up eating a lot. At least Z.T and I are known for that. :)
But as we were already bored of the stuff offered by the Tuck shop, we postponed the plan for a while. (Much to my and Z.T's dismay).
So, Nida was the one who suggested going out and checking that aiwaan-e-urdu, near our college.
On our way, we encountered a chaat waala.....
And as expected, our salivary glands were activated in no time.

The chaaat wala turned out to be a dahi bhalley wala. :)
We decided to give it a try and to assist the cause, it started raining a little heavier.
How could we go back, such determined girls.
We ordered the dahi bhalla's.
Ate them......while it was raining...
Our white coats getting wetter by rain :)
The only shelter was a stupid khokha type shop. We stood under its shade, which was no protection from the rain.
Done with satisfying our tummies, we went back, laughing.
Everyone passing by on the road stared as if we were insane.
But who cares about people when you are with friends and having fun. :)
Atleast we dont!!
Laughing stupidly without any reason we came back to the college so that we could start worrying about DNA, start staring at Lippincott's biochemistry without any comprehension and start asking each other questions trying to be as stupid as we could possibly be.

IT was one of those days which brings a huge 32 teeth-exposing-smile whenever you think about it....
I would always cherish it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lost in questions!!!

People come in life and then go. They never think, what memories they leave behind.
I remember my blog post about

The misery of missing......

I still remember the mental agony i was going through when i wrote this all.

I was the same at that time, i am the same now.
I was a mystery then, i am a mystery now.
I sometimes wonder why am i so tough to understand??
Why i fail to get the message through to the other end or why am i always misunderstood every time?
And why saying bye is so painful for me when it is a normal thing for others?
And why i am the same little girl from within who used to hide herself in a blanket whenever times were rough and she wanted to cry?
Why i cry for people who will never know about any single tear which was shed for them?
Why am i so truthful that it leads to annoying people special for me?
And why i shed tears for those who give a damn about me?
Why i forgive people whenever they return?
Why cannot i say to people to go to hell?
Why i cannot forget them??

So many whys and no answers :(
I hate whenever i am left in this state!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

One word describing me!!

Just gave a personality test on facebook about one word that describes me. This is what i got!!!

This is the word that best describes you! The dictionary meaning of the adjective sanguine' is cheerfully optimistic! You are usually happy and manage to turn most negative situations into positive ones. Your happy-go-lucky, impulsive and adventurous personality makes you fun to be around although some people mistake your self-confidence for arrogance. Your sanguine disposition will help your life be a happy one; just be wary of dreaming about castles in the sky and forgetting to focus on reality."

People do say all this is stupid, fraud etc.
But surprisingly this result describes me quite accurately.
Strange!!! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My problem!!!

"You say whatever you mean and mean whatever you say!!!"

A very reliable friend told me this in response to my question regarding the plus and minus points about me.
Its such a confusing statement.
But i guess it is true.
I don't know how its a plus point and how is it a bad one.
I'll have to find it out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crazy fights!!!

Even as a kid i always hated fights. But then childhood fights with friends, with cousins etc were fun actually. We fought on petty issues and then tried to ignore each other. Not more than five minutes would have passed and we even forgot the reason we were fighting for. Just a smile, a hug and everything returned to normal. Even a stupid sorry mended everything. As we vowed never to fight again, we were naive enough to believe it.

With progression of age, the nature of fights changes. One would think that maturity would result in lesser fights, more understanding and stronger bonds. But unfortunately that is not the case. I always wondered why adults fought so badly. I thought they were not as silly as kids and they should try to reason everything out instead of fighting uselessly. That was what they told us to do.

Now, i have realised its easier said than done.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we fail to avoid them.

I have never been good at fighting (except with mom).

And due to some unknown reason, i still thought they are not that serious. That just a smile, a hug or even a stupid sorry would mend everything.

I was in for a big shock. I was wrong.

They are damn serious now.

They go on and on and on for days, weeks, years and even for the whole lifetime.

And even for a while, if we decide its better to forget them and move on, at some stage in life they are bound to come back.
Adults are usually proud of their sharp memories and they will never hesitate from bringing up a twenty year old comment/event to prove there point or to prove the other person wrong.
I thought clearing a confusion once was enough but no. Every time you do something wrong even unintentionally you have to give answers for every little doing of yours even if that particular 'doing' was done many many years ago.
I hate giving explanations for my every act. But to save a friendship, a relationship i would do everything that i hate.
Because relationships and life for me is one big COMPROMISE.
I thought friendship was all about understanding.
It was all about listening to the unsaid, seeing the invisible, understanding the unexplained.
All my life, i have been making excuses for my friends.
If this thing happened, i must have done atleast something wrong. If someone said this, there must be some reason for it and so on.
I am sick of making excuses.
My friends told me that i am very sweet, very understanding and forgiving.
I am sick of all what i am.

I cannot forget people, i cannot ignore people, i cannot exclude people from my life.
I cannot say bye to friends. Because i always want hope to be there.
No one can understand what i feel when a friend who had said bye (forever) comes back to me and tells me that i am important, that i was missed. I never say goodbye because i never want to. No matter how big the dispute is, the person itself is still more important.

I so wish that people who claim to be my friends will try (only try) to understand me.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year 2009!!

So, this is going to be my first post of 2009.
I hope this year will prove to be a far better one than the last one....

I never make resolutions. Because i know i won't be able to keep them.
I just hope i will be a better human than i was at 31st december last year when this date comes again in 2009.

Wishing everyone and myself a very happy new year!!!