As a rule, man is fool; when its hot, he wants it cool; when its cool, he wants it hot; always wanting what is not!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Elections..and hope!

So, the results of the eagerly awaited and long due elections are finally pretty clear to all of us.
The people of Pakistan have given their verdict. The PPPP emerged as a federal party as it was able to get votes from all the provinces while PML-N also got its share in Punjab and NA...
We are expecting to see a coalition government formed by PPPP and
PML-N in the near future.
The results were the same as were expected but the big suspicion was that the elections wont be free and fair.
As no major protests were registered other than a few cries by the supporters(which by the way were too few) and workers of the "badly punctured cycle", so it could be assumed that the major suspicion didnot turn out to be true. Although the pressure by the people and major political parties was the main force behind the conduction of free and fair elections we still should accept that our President did a good job as he realized there is no other way out of the situation. We are expecting to see Amin Faheem as our new Prime Minister.(May he do a good job and prove to be a good representative of our country). One still wonders what would it have been like if Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was still among us. I have to admit i never was a big supporter of PPPP but still losing such a precious leader in a manner we lost her does hurt deeply. Moreover she had a certain charisma which the people of Pakistan will always miss.
The defeat of our very own Railway Minister ( you all know i am talking about Shiekhoo) and Ch. Shujaat from the areas they contested elections showed how much the people were frustrated with the previous government. The eight years are marked with many crisis that affected the masses quite badly.
May it be the natural disaster on oct 8, 05 and its aftermath...
or the recent crisis of flour, ghee and sugar....
the ever present inflation problem...
or the most irritating power problem ( we call it the WAPDA FACTOR)...
and many many more....
These all were not helpful in improving the bad image of the government in the eyes of people.

I read that many newspapers called the result of these elections "the indirect but decisive defeat of Pervez Musharraf" but
the very next day there was an article assuring Mr president the continuing support of US...
this hinted that we will have to see Mr Musharraf for some more coming years...
i think this is something which the people of Pakistan dont want.
The reason is that the wrong decisions by him have reached a higher number than the right ones.
To add salt to the injury all the wrong ones are the latest ones.
If Musharraf stays it will be against the wishes of Pakistani people and also of the about to form new government.....
On the other hand only external pressure can keep him on his seat after the elections which the press even called 'Mini referendum resulting in the rejection of Musharraf and his supporters by the people of Pakistan".

The winners of the election are making new promises claiming to ensure the freedom of judiciary and media...
the restoration of democracy and much much more..
these are quite usual but promises will not feed the poor masses of the country.
What is needed is that the new government ensures that the promises they make are fulfilled and not only the foriegn earnings increase...but the standard of living also improves by the time the new elections are near.
The people of Pakistan are easy to please....give them a faint ray of hope and their faces start shining with the dreams of a better life in future. It would be great if their dream turns into reality just for this once.

Before the time comes that the people of this country give up all the hope and surrender to the life full of many crisis, depression, corruption all around..... some miracle should change their lives so that they also have something to smile about.
Hoping that the recent elections would result in some kind of miracle and asking the losing parties to be graceful and sit in the opposition with dignity...
i would pray from the Almighty Allah that
"please make Pakistan a peaceful country and fill the lives of the people of this country which was made on the name of Islam with pleasures".

Monday, February 18, 2008


i hate my life.
i am struggling to break the shell which hides the real me from the rest of the world.
but everytime i try this....
something succeeds in stopping me to do so.
i dont know what the real reason is!
but, life these days just sucks!!
tensions everywhere...
i feel i am a failure
because i fail to satisfy those who matter the most...

here i am wasting my precious time on this blog which hardly will bring a change in my life.
maybe i am here to make some confessions...
yes, i really do hate my life.
i am not strong enough to end it.
i am not yet capable of changing it.
But i will change it someday...
my life hangs on just this one hope
that one day ill change the way i live...
ill replace the hatred around me with love.

my mind screams!!
can i succeed???
can the hatred ever be replaced?
i dont think so...
this feeling of hopelessness is all what i can see around...
i have no way to accomplish what i want to...
things distract me..
events distract me...
everything distracts me...
i dont know where my power of concentration has gone!
i cant explain my state to anybody.

no one is aware of the real me...
and i know that no one will ever bother to try to break the shell i am in....
there is the question of if they tried then will they succeed...
when i come to think about any person with whom i have shared all my secrets...
the answer is no such person exists.

All know tiny bits of me. not even i myself know all about me.
then how can i expect someone else to understand!

i am just typing senselessly
without any sense of what i am saying.
but it is helping me get over the frustration which keeps bothering me...

life sucks and unless a miracle changes everything around
i guess it will keep on doing so...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

busy or not?

Life these days is quite strange. I feel i am very busy but at the end of every day i realise i have virtually done nothing. What am i actually busy in?????
The answer to this question is..............
i am busy in making and remaking of a suitable timetable for myself which never reaches the stage of implementation.
My days are spent in the corridors of my college bracing the never ending spell of severe colds and the rest in an academy where i guess i just go so that my father wont be able to save a penny or two ;-)
A so called crash is going on in which we are trying to accomplish the impossible task of covering the syllabus of the whole year in just two months. Lets hope ill gain something from that CRASH.
Any one who by mistake gets this webpage open and then has got enough time to actually read my ramblings here will think how i got the time of posting something after such a long period.To answer that, actually the funfair we'll be having tomorrow (it is especially arranged in the rainy season so that we can enjoy the most in the open) provided me with the opportunity of opening this long abandoned blog and type some of my frustration out.Wondering what frustration??Ahhhhhhh!
My stupid, stupid and careless friend asked me to come online especially to discuss our entertainment plan for tomorrow i.e the big day (funfair- as its the only event ever to take place in our great college). And now i have been waiting for almost half an hour and no sign of her. i should call her...or atleast message her.
But how??????
i am missing my cell.
i am hunting for the thief.:-(
and i am praying my dad would realise that how important a cell phone is for me.
Daddy...if you ever read this....kindly realise the misery i am in and help me by some fund ;-)

should have told you how my nights are spent!!!
half of them are spent in the most interesting job of listening to my daddy's lectures on how important this year is for my career and how i am spoiling my career by my non serious attitude and the rest in that time table business.
busy days???
yeah busy nights too!!
i am going to wake her whole household now by calling via landline...
and you deserve it!!!