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Monday, July 9, 2007

Nothing worth saying......

How was my day today?????????

Well well...this is a tough question.
It started quite nicely. I woke up when i wanted to. No one tried to interrupt me in my dreams. This makes me really happy. Nothing worth mentioning occured afterwards till i turned my pc on. Had a relaxing chat with a very nice friend. Its always fun to have a talk with him. He gives very sincere advice. And he is probably the only one with whom i can talk freely without hesitation and be confident to get a sincere advice. Well i would like to say thanks B. I hope u know i am thanking you. ;-)
You have always been great help.
So after that talk i opened my novel which i had been reading for a while. It was almost at the last stages. So i thought whatever it takes i'll read it all today. I did, but the ending was not what i expected. I know the world is not always good and its not usually happiness all around. But still i feel good when every body is happy at the end. It makes me feel optimistic about my life.
I had a headache then and i thought i should post what i feel. It also helps me relax. I got a bonus today. I am talking to B and typing here. The headache has just vanished. :)
I told him he is a medicine.
Well now he is gone. So i am alone with my thoughts. Today i also had a long talk with one of my school time buddy. She is a sweetheart. She was so worried about the upcoming result that she just imagined that it has been announced on the site. I immediately checked and told her it was not announced yet. Even the date was not announced. She and i laughed heartily then.
And afterwards we were discussing the possibility of a good result by a miracle and then about the dreadful result we expected in real.
Yes. My exams didnot go well. They were dreadful. Actually i prepared as i always do but this time it didnt end well. Because the board was real cruel in making the question papers. They were a nightmare.
I did my best in attempting them. Now i am praying for the miracle. I hope i'll get good grades.
Well life has nothing new to offer these days. I will listen to the coverage of laal masjid issue and then i will go to sleep. Nothing new in that. Life is the same from almost seven days. Before that i kept myself busy just in reading. Now i save time for television too.
Well there is nothing more to tell right now.
So i'll beg leave.
Hoping for a better life ahead of me.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


So, i really forgot my blogs during exams. Even after the exams i could not think of something to write about. But finally i am back in form and will try to post regularly.
Life here in islamabad is pretty obvious these days. We, the izloo people nowadays are the focus of everyone. And that without the trouble of arranging any international conference or seminar. The laal masjid issue is getting on the nerves of every Islamabadi in particular and every Pakistani in general. Generally when someone asked me to describe islamabad, the first discriptive word that came to my mind was peaceful. Islamabad was always a peaceful city. The thrill loving people used to call it boring. But i always loved this city. But nowadays its a city whose people cannot sleep at night because of the firing exchanged between the laal masjid people and the security forces. In my eighteen years of life, this is the first time i am seeing this face of islamabad. One thing is very clear that islamabad can no more be considered a safe city. Its a wonder for everybody that how the people of this madrassah and mosque collected so much weapons that they are still fighting with 12000 security personals. Although we know that the forces are holding back from attacking the mosque due to the fear of losing so many lifes who probably are kept there as hostages to be used as a human shield when the need arises. Some people think that this is just a political drama played well by all the concerned parties.
Whatever it is, its making the citizens suffer. The people are terrified and are confined in their own houses. The summer vacations for which the children wait anxiously all the year, are now no fun at all. Most of all the markets and public places are deserted. The silent city roars with the noise of bullets and bombs but nothing else. Its been five days but no improvement at all. We are still standing on the same point- waiting for some miracle to solve the problem. The maulana Ghazi Rasheed changes his mind every hour. And apparently the government wants him to surrender unconditionally and is not ready to make hasty attempts to take control of the mosque. In my opinion this thing is going to be solved by exerting force and army action at the end. Because Ghazi Rasheed is not a man of his words and he is not concerned with the lives of innocent people. He is a selfish person who just wants exemption from the cases filed against him and a safe passage. If he was concerned with the lives of people he would not have been teaching students to use guns in the name of religious education and jihad. Whatever way the problem is solved i hope the minimum number of lives are lost and the issue ends without any controversy. The people of islamabad will always remember these days when they witnessed the war with the enemy within them. The Laal mosque issue is a blow to the image of Islam and madrassah's all over the country and even in the whole world. The Muslim world which is already suffering from the ill effects of 9/11 and 7/7 events and the suicide bombings carried by Al- Qaeda and Taliban, are going to suffer even more after this event. I, as a Muslim know that this is not the real Islam. People who kill their own people for their own personal gains cannot be Muslims. The literal meaning of Islam is peace. And the deeds of these peoples are condemned by every true Muslim. Jihad is the name of struggle- struggle for a better, peaceful world. It does not mean killing people without any motive. Killing innocent people in the name of jihad is an insult to the teachings of Islam. We have to fight against these evil forces to promote the true image of Islam all over the world.
This Lal mosque thing made me serious and sentimental. I am really depressed to see the city where i was born and have spent most of my life in this way. Where law and order was always maintained, now the army is patrolling. Its citizens are terrified and are hoping that they will be able to walk in the streets without any fear soon. That the government will take measures to prevent such an event from happening again. That the law and order will be restored again and the life will become normal. I strongly believe that people who project Islam in such a negative way should be dealt with strictness so that no one tries to make the mistake again.

Hoping for a better and peaceful solution of the problem with minimum possible bloodshed.