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Monday, October 26, 2015

Being thankful!

Life is so fast paced these days that its hard to keep up. Its as if I am standing still and time is just passing by; or maybe not. Well, it feels wierd coming back to this blog after so long. Wierder still is the fact that i didnot come here to vent out my frustrations as was the norm a couple of years back! Its not like i abandoned it completely. I used to come now and then, just to remind myself of the times gone by. I just did not declare my presence because i simply had nothing to say. Nothing at all!!

Much has changed. The five years of medical school are over and so is the one torturous year of housejob (I may write in detail some day about life as a house officer). I am at a stage in my career where i feel exhausted but then realise the real struggle has just started. Not a moment passes without me thinking about the many things that need to be done, the many targets that need to be achieved. 

I am optimistic about the future despite the hardships that await me. No matter what the world says, deep down i know i have chosen the right thing. I know that i can work for it. I know the toughest part is over not because its going to be easy from here on, but because i know making the choice was the hardest. Its the setting of the target which is of paramount importance because after that, all that remains is to work in order to achieve it. 

Being in medical profession is such a blessing! Because every day it makes me feel more thankful for each and every thing that I have. It makes me realise that my problems are nothing compared to the agony others are going through.  

I am thankful indeed for everything that i have. And for what i dont have now, i will either get it or else it was never meant for me. And if it was never meant for me then surely its for my own good!